Ltd Company Checklist Declaration

As discussed, you have confirmed that you are a UK contractor with your own UK Ltd Company and you are thinking about using your Ltd Company in the (Netherlands) for contracting work. As a result, you have agreed to send over the following documentation for us to begin to set up payments through your Ltd Company:

  • 1. Certificate of Incorporation
  • 2. Certificate of insurances
  • 3. VAT registration document
  • 4. Copy of Ltd Company bank details
  • 5. CA3821 confirmation
  • 6. CA3822 response (if applicable)

Following on from our conversation you have also verbally confirmed the below:

I declare that the above information is correct and that it is my responsibility to send over the required documents to facilitate payment through my own UK Ltd Company.

Once you submit this form, you'll be redirected to a summary page which you must sign electronically. A PDF version of the signed copy will then be sent to you and to us for our records.